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Hyderabaditsolutions is a well known in the field of Data Recovery services. Data recovery will do at lowest price comparing to market. Our experts use best tools and software’s to recover your data. We can also recover passwords for file systems like MS Office, Tally, Mails, and Bios etc. Our specialty lies in recovering lost or corrupt data with passwords, for all types of systems around the globe.

Our professionals are experts at password recovery for many operating systems like Windows, Linux, Macintosh, UNIX, etc.

Data recovery is done by easy steps, through that can vary depending on the type of data corruption and recovery required.

Step 1:

Diagnose the hard drive. Hard disk drive so it is running in some form or at least in a state suitable for reading the data from it.

data recovery

Step 2:

When a hard disk drive fails, the importance of getting the data off the drive is the top priority. The longer a faulty drive is used, the more likely further data loss is to occur. Creating an image of the drive will ensure that there is a secondary copy of the data on another device, on which it is safe to perform testing and recovery procedures without harming the source.

Step 3:

Repair damaged files that were retrieved

Data damage can be caused when, for example, a file is written to a sector on the drive that has been damaged. This is the most common cause in a failing drive, meaning that data needs to be reconstructed to become readable. Corrupted documents can be recovered by several software methods or by manually reconstructing the document using a hex editor.

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